About Us

Who are we?

SEEC is an interdisciplinary £7M “big data” research centre that is addressing priorities in low carbon energy science. SEEC is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, administered through the Welsh Government. SEEC is a flagship strategic development for the newly formed College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Bangor University. It will lead innovation on how advanced engineering, computer science and modelling can be applied most effectively to tackle grand challenges of increasing the sustainability of energy supply and utilization, while minimizing negative environmental impacts, in particular net carbon emissions. SEEC will be instrumental in positioning Wales at the forefront of this technological revolution, which is one of the highest priorities to address within the current climate crisis.

What do we do?

SEEC spans three low carbon energy sectors (ocean energy, nuclear energy, and energy efficient structures), linked by a cyberinfrastructure hub. SEEC is a research and innovation centre, with a specific objective of further developing the world class expertise in low carbon energy research at Bangor University, leading to increased grant capture in this research space.